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SUM function

SUM function

【Movie】 How to make SUM () function

How to make expressions (1)

It is expressed as "= SUM (argument)" in the cell (square square).


Ex) Get total sales for each month


The sum of the numbers from E3 to E6 is listed in E
The expression "= SMUM (E 3: E 6)"


※ umbers are subject to calculation. Blanks and letters are ignored in the formula range.

How to make expressions (2)


If you specify a cell that is separated by a comma, such as "= SUM (E3, E5)", you can get the sum of only the specified part.

How to make expressions (3)


If you add each cell after adding each cell like "= SUM (E3, E4, E5, E6, 10000)", then add that number if you specify it.

How to make expressions (4)

There is "Auto SUM" to the right of "Home", and click here to display "= SUM ()" and complete the formula by choosing a range by dropping.

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